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The most convenient start page

We call the 'Start Page' that is opened at first when you open internet browser.
A lot of people use the 'Start Page' to search certain information, to read news articles, and to move to other sites.

Is your Start Page good enough for all the functions?
If you hesitate to answer, we suggest to open ''. With '', the convenient and pleasure of Internet life will be upgraded.

Private own Start page
You can construct your own start page with Page construction and background image through 'zum widget'.
Simple interface
We remove unnecessary AD and construct simple interface.
Fast and convenient News
Without moving to other page, you can find and check the news on start page.
Simple searching information
Direct Searching: In case of searching simple information, instead of moving other page for detiled information, you can find and check out with key word.
The fastest moving to other sites you want
We develop 'zum widget' and 'Direct search' for moving to favour sites quickly.