Speed Your Life Swing browser

Swing Browser is a web browser that is optimized for usage in Korea’s online infrastructure.
We offer a fast browsing experience through WebKit rendering technology and also support Active X.
Swing Browser is available on PC and mobile. It has useful features like mouse action,
web surfing reservation and server time, al-pass and easy capture.

  • Speed mode function

    Is your internet slow? Try out Swing Browser.
    You will feel the faster performance.
    Swing Browser is built on the WebKit engine,
    the same engine used by
    Google’s Chrome browser.

  • Features that make browsing

    Features that make browsing convenient.

    Use various functions such as
    mouse action, quick link and search,
    web surfing reservation and server time.

  • Active X support for e-banking

    Active X is required for e-banking,
    online shopping and using government
    -related sites in Korea.
    Most Koreans use Internet Explorer
    because it supports Active X
    but it is slow and outdated.
    Swing Browser is completely compatible
    with Active X and provides
    a faster and seamless browsing experience.

  • Synchronize between devices

    Swing Browser data can be synced across
    your PC, mobile and tablet.
    Freely use it on any devices.